Hi! My name is Prety Patel and I am the creative brain behind the brand PbyPrety. My one mission for my line of clothing is to make trendy fun clothes that are comfortable, easily mixed and matched and wearable for all occasions.


Growing up Indian American I always struggled with fit, comfort & trendiness. You wouldn't believe the number of events I didn't go to growing up just because I didn't like what I would have to wear. You'd find me with scissors & seam rippers as I would tare apart clothes & attempt to remake them.


After Graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Apparel Marketing and Design, I learned all the fundamental skills from sketching to sewing to allow me to create beautiful clothes all on my own. Soon after graduating I found myself working in the retail and design field learning from some of the most amazing and successful companies we have today. With over 6 years of experience and nonstop creative juices, I am excited to share my first purchasable line of clothing.


Today I bring all my passions together in this company - clothing, design, culture & entrepreneurship.

the process


Each outfit starts with my very own sketch. After learning to sketch in Design school I instantly fell in love spilling my imagination onto paper.